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Hoid Character Pin - Series 1, #002

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This limited edition pin is sold out and will not be restocked. This pin is still available inside the Hoid Fan Bundle while supplies last.

Involved—directly or peripherally—in seemingly every event of import in the Cosmere for the past 10,000 years or more, his motivations and purpose are shrouded in mystery. Running from those who want to kill him, those who will want to kill him once they get to know him, and those who wish they had killed him when they had the chance, he still manages to bedazzle young girls, confound learned scholars, and infuriate self-important rulers. Sneaking in as pin #002 in our first Cosmere Character Pin series is the skilled musician, storyteller, and thief: Hoid!

Pin measures approximately 1.25 inches tall

Pin design by Sandara Tang

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