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Legion Hardcover

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Stephen Leeds Book 1

Stephen Leeds is perfectly sane.  It’s his hallucinations who are mad.

Stephen is a genius of unrivaled aptitude.  He can learn any skill, vocation or art in a matter of hours.  To contain this information, his mind generates hallucinatory people, or ‘aspects’, as he calls them.  Wherever he goes, Stephen takes a team of professionals on hand to explain and advise.  He uses them to solve problems.  For a price. 

The aspects have a tendency to take on their own lives and his mind is getting a little crowded.  When a company asks him to take on a case to recover a stolen camera which can reportedly take pictures of the past, Steven and his crack team find themselves over the ocean and dealing with terrorists.  What they discover will address the very foundations of three major religions and perhaps even the aspects themselves.

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