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The Way of Kings Leatherbound Book

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Copies of book 2, Words of Radiance—are currently available via our current crowdfunding campaign for shipment Fall 2024.

To allow all fans an opportunity to obtain this leatherbound title, we limit purchases to two per customer.

This title is also available in a bundle with all published leatherbound titles.


Leatherbound Use and Care Suggestions

The Stormlight Archive Book 1

Dragonsteel Entertainment is proud to present the 10th Anniversary Leatherbound Edition of The Way of Kings, book one in the The Stormlight Archive®.

We are committed to beautiful books, and we've elevated the quality even more than before with this edition. Unique to our leatherbound titles in The Stormlight Archive®, The Way of Kings comes in a beautiful two volume set, is bound in a genuine leather of an even higher quality than the bonded-leather used on our other books, and includes a cloth covered slipcase with the Stormlight Archive® symbol in blue foil on the front.

The Way of Kings is printed in 2-color offset black and blue inks on quality, acid-free paper, the pages are Smyth-sewn rather than glued like most regular books. These volumes also contain full-color endpapers by Michael Whelan, Howard Lyon, and Isaac Stewart, gilded pages, and two-color gold and blue foiling on the covers, spines, and backs. Each volume includes a bound-in satin-ribbon bookmark, and begins with an 8-page gallery of full-color artwork, including cover illustrations from around the world, commissioned pieces, and top-notch fan art. In addition to 2-color versions of all of the original interior maps and art, there are a few new 2-color pieces by Ben McSweeney and Käri Christensen, and five new end-of-part illustrations by the talented Steve Argyle. Spread across the two volumes are seven new full-color interior pieces by Miranda Meeks, Dan dos Santos, Micah Epstein, Audrey Hotte, Bryan Mark Taylor, and Steve Argyle. Additionally, Jian Guo has created stunning reimagined versions of the chapter arches.

This is an excellent way to celebrate 10 years of The Way of Kings, and will look great as the stand-out show piece on the shelf next to your other beautiful leatherbound books.

Published by arrangement with Tor Publishing Group.


Language: English
Pages: 1206 (Across two volumes)
ISBN: Vol 1. 978-1-938570-22-3; Vol 2. 978-1-938570-23-0
First Edition
Third Printing

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