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The Bands of Mourning Hardcover

The Bands of Mourning Hardcover

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Signed by Brandon Sanderson!

Wax and Wayne Book 3

The Bands of Mourning: mythological bracer worn centuries ago by the lord Ruler – until they were ripped from his body by the Ascendant Warrior, bringing about his death. The Bands were said to hold incredible power—but of course everybody knows they were long ago lost to the mists of time.

Someone just found them.

Divisions have arisen between the capital and the other cities in Elendel Basin, with the capital claiming leadership and the cities crying oppression. Wax isn’t interested in chasing myths; he has bigger, pressing issues. Wounds that cut deep into his very soul. With the clash of ancient legends, political turmoil, and a crisis of faith, the Bands of Mourning will transform everything you thought you knew about the Mistborn world. 

"There’s always another secret."

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