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The Hero of Ages Hardcover

The Hero of Ages Hardcover

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Signed by Brandon Sanderson!

Mistborn Era 1, Book 3

The third and final book of the Mistborn series, Era one. Vin killed the Lord Ruler to restore freedom. When she released the mystic force in the Well of Ascension it was for the same purpose. The force in the well was not what she was lead to believe, but a malevolent consciousness named Ruin who wishes to destroy the world. Nearly omniscient and able to warp reality, Ruin seems impossible to defeat, and Vin can’t even talk to Elend to make a plan without Ruin knowing!

With the world fallen into more dire circumstances and the mists turned lethal, they must find a solution before all life is snuffed out. Having escaped death at the climax of the Well of Ascension by becoming a mistborn himself, Emperor Elend Venture searches for any clues left behind by the Lord Ruler to save the world. In this concluding book, promises are kept, revelations abound, and surprises all click into place in a satisfying firework show that will leave readers rubbing their eyes in wonder, as if awakening from an amazing dream.


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