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Wax & Wayne Broadsheet Pack

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Waxillium Ladrian returned from the Roughs to the civilization of the Cities, where instead of insulting a man to his face people post scathing articles in the broadsheets.

Originally included as split pages throughout each of the Wax & Wayne era books, these fully combined broadsheet front pages were previously available at book release events. Included on the back of each broadsheet is 1/4 of a map of the city of Elendel, forming a full map when put together.

    Included broadsheets:
  • From The Alloy of Law: "The Elendel Daily," dated Doxil 4, 341
  • From Shadows of Self: "The House Record," dated Doxil 1, 342
  • From The Bands of Mourning: "The New Ascendancy," dated Cladence 8, 342
  • From The Lost Metal: "The Two Seasons," dated Marewill 19, 348
  • Extra! Extra! For a limited time, this bundle includes an additional copy of "The Two Seasons" with the full Elendel City map on the back. Be sure to order while supplies last!

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