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Mistborn Fan Bundle

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Scadrial. A planet where the sun burns red, veiled by clouds of ash. At night, the mists fill the streets of Luthadel, seat of the Lord Ruler's power. Until a crew of thieves upends his thousand-year reign.

The Mistborn Fan Bundle is our limited remaining quantities of the May reward box shipped to Year of Sanderson backers of our wildly successful March 2022 Kickstarter campaign.

This bundle includes:

  • Mistborn themed metal bookends
  • Reversible soonie pup plushie
  • Mistborn Era 1 themed sticker pack (Era 2 sticker pack available separately!)
  • Cosmere Character Collectible Pin (pin #5—Waxillium Ladrian).

Bookend design by Ben McSweeney.
Soonie Pup design by Isaac Stewart.
Sticker art by Hayley Lazo.
Pin design by Sandara Tang.
All art and designs ©Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC

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